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Regional Training

What's New?

PWR Playbook and PWR Practices, Tools, and Resources 

  • a how-to-guide designed by and for practitioners, and
  • a searchable data base of stories, curricula, lesson plans, practices, and videos
  • launched Oct 2020


Regional Conversations - PWR Symposia

Join your peers from neighboring schools and districts for a Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) Symposium to talk about implementing PWR initiatives. ​Engage in strategic conversations about capstone, work-based learning, industry certifications, and ICAP. 

Consider hosting a PWR Symposium next year for your colleagues and those in neighboring districts. Contact Robin Russel, 303.866.2908,

Find a Symposium near you                                     Resources and Promising Practices from PWR Symposiums 2017-2019

Colorado's PWR/ICAP Facilitators Available for Technical Assistance

ICAP Facilitators work with neighboring school and district teams to answer questions about PWR initiatives – including ICAP – and they facilitate the culture of Meaningful Career Conversations among all staff with all students.


Hers's what PWR/ICAP Facilitators can do for you! (no cost) 

  • Foster creative thinking to enhance your ICAP process;
  • Teach processes for all staff to have meaningful career conversations with students;
  • Collaborate with programs across the school/district/region;
  • Train additional regional representatives for implementation sustainability;
  • Design and facilitate PWR/ICAP Trainings in your region;
  • Teach and Navigate the ICAP toolkit;
  • Message and foster buy-in, enthusiasm and relevance for secondary initiatives; and
  • Explore, share, refine and replicate promising practices.


Katrina Ruggles Photo

Katrina Ruggles, ICAP Facilitator, with a student

Here's what you can do! 

  • Email any of the facilitators listed below 
  • Provide contact information, several best times to connect, and a vision for what you need
  • Host the conversation and provide a computer, projector, screen, internet access, and other tools or supplies
  • Encourage attendees (at least 5): Administrators, school counselor(s), classroom teachers, support staff, business/community members, and other staff: CTE, SpEd/Transition, Technology, and postsecondary reps. 

  1. San Luis Valley:                                                                                                                   
  2. Southeast: 
  3. Colorado Springs and South:
  4. Northeast: open
  5. North Central:
  6. Denver Metro area:
  7. North Denver/Boulder area:
  8. Summit County and Mountain West - open
  9. Mesa 51 and Western Slope

Colorado map with location of 13 ICAP Facilitators

Training Resources

Access the guidance, stories and practices created by ICAP champions from around the state in the PWR Playbook (launched in October 2020).  And learn from your peers about the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) practices in the related, sharable data base, PWR Practices, Tools, and Resources

Developed and gathered by ICAP Facilitators.

Robin Russel 
Graduation Guidelines Manager