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School Counselor Corps Grant Program

Announcement: SCCG 2024 application is closed.

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Application materials are in the review process. Applicants can expect to hear back on award status throughout May- June 2024.

View application details on the SCCG funding webpage.

The PWR of the School Counselor Corps Grant

Colorado's School Counselor Corps Grant Program is a state funded, competitive, four-year grant that is designed to distribute funds to eligible education providers pursuant to the requirements of the SCCGP, C.R.S. 22-91-101 through 22-91-105

The goals of the program are to:

  • Increase the availability of effective school-based counseling to help increase the state graduation rate and increase the percentage of students who appropriately prepare for, apply to, and continue into postsecondary education; and

  • Support work-based learning awareness, education, and opportunities.

Comprehensive School Counseling through SCCG:

  • The SCCG program focuses efforts on hiring licensed school counselors to develop and implement data-driven programming that supports students':

    • Academic

    • Career

    • Personal/social needs 

  • Through decreased student-to-school-counselor ratios, enhanced partnerships, and increased postsecondary preparation programming, the SCCG program facilitates:

    • Closing the achievement gap

    •  Improving student outcomes in attendance, academic performance, and postsecondary success.

  • Colorado's licensed school counselors hold a master's or higher degree in School Counseling.  View details about the Special Services Endorsement in School Counseling.  

What's New?

Deadline to Submit FY2023-2024 Budget Revisions
June 3, 2024 

Virtual Welcome FY2024-2025 
August 21, 2024 at 8 AM


Annual Report on the School Counselor Corps Grant

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CDE collaborated with University of Denver's Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab to release the 2023 SCCGP Legislative Report (PDF) to describe outcomes of the SCCG Cohort 8 at the close of the four-year grant period. 

Takeways include:

  • Funding from SCCGP moved student-counselor ratios from 860:1 to 276:1 across grantees, allowing counselors to provide more individualized support to students and their schools.
  • The number of licensed school counselors in Cohort 8 schools went from 9.0 FTE before the beginning on the grant cycle to 25.5 FTE in the last year of the grant.
  • In the final year of the original grant term (2021-2022), the dropout rate for the 8 grantee schools serving grades 7-12 (0.9%) remained below the state average (2.2%) but increased by .7% points from the implementation year.
  • SCCG sites attended nearly 2,000 hours of professional development in the final funding year alone, which further developed their knowledge, skills, and ability to meet students’ needs.

Annual SCCG Report Archives

School Counselor Corps Grant Program


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