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PWR Playbook

PWR Playbook: Empower Learners to Design, Build and Own Their Futures


This PWR Playbook is a HOW-TO-GUIDE designed by and for practitioners.

It contains essential guidance, promising practices, stories, resources and tools that support the implementation of a high-quality Individual Career and Academic Planning (ICAP) process for students and learners as they build toward Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR).

Districts and schools must provide access to an ICAP process for students and families. How you choose to implement the process in your district or school is up to you. So, we emPWR you to reflect on your current practice, build on your strengths, and revisit areas of growth. Infuse the process with meaning for students.

ICAP is Meaningful Career Conversations!

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"ICAP is a wonderful tool to help students engage in meaningful career conversations with their teachers, families, and other educators, and it gets the wheels turning about what they may want to do and explore in life after high school."

Katy Anthes

-Katy Anthes ,Colorado Education Commissioner

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What People Are Saying

"In high school, I was able to figure out what I excelled in and what I didn't. I knew that creativity was one of my strengths, and my teachers helped me get experience. They want me to succeed and to continue to bring new things to the community so that our town continues to thrive."

-Alana Brueggeman, Graduate of Wray High School, Owner of Lala's Bakery in Wray

Hear more from Alana about ICAP in Northeastern Colorado


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