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Colorado Computer Science Teacher Endorsement and Requirements (K-12)

Teachers need a bachelor's or higher degree in computer science or 24 semester hours of coursework as identified on the computer science endorsement worksheet, or successful completion of the Computer Science Praxis exam 5652 with a passing score of 149. The computer science endorsement is for K-12. Coursework must address the following topics:

  • Data structures, languages, and databases
  • Web-based programming and design
  • Knowledge of operating systems
  • System design, implementation, and management
  • Media and software applications
  • Robotics, file management, instructional design, and other computer applications (i.e. cybersecurity)

Teacher may also apply for CTE credentials that honor previous work experience, classroom experience, and or bachelor's degrees in the content.

Secondary CTE Informational Technology Endorsement

Additionally, computer science professionals who would like to become teachers can apply for the alternative teaching licensure.

Endorsement Questions

For questions regarding computer science endorsements and requirements, please contact Pam Lewis or visit the Colorado Teacher Endorsement Requirements page.