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Personal Financial Literacy (PFL)


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Personal Financial Literacy Content Specialist
Alyssa Wooten

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Personal Financial Literacy Standards and Resources



The Colorado Office of the Attorney General, the Colorado Department of Education, and community organizations are partnering to promote personal financial literacy for teachers, students and parents throughout Colorado. The MoneyWi$er vision is for all Colorado youth to have opportunities to master personal financial literacy standards throughout their education and to make financially capable and informed decisions during their lifetime. Check out current MoneyWi$er programs below! 

MoneyWi$er Financial Innovation Awards  (deadline March 15, 2020)

The MoneyWi$er Financial Innovation Awards are presented by the Office of the Colorado Attorney General in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education. The awards will recognize distinguished school districts, schools and individuals who prioritized personal finance education throughout their school and community. In addition to statewide recognition for the awards, honorees will be awarded funds to continue elevating personal finance education in Colorado and their communities.

Financial Innovation Awards Honoree Categories

The MoneyWi$er Financial Innovation Awards will designate honorees in four categories: Student Scholarship, Educator, School and School District.  

  • Student Scholarship $1,500– Any student applying or the MoneyWi$er student scholarship must be eligible and meet applicant requirements.  All Student Scholarship Honorees selected will be awarded $1,500. 
  • Educator Honoree $3,500 – Educators who prioritize personal finance education in their classroom and school, and demonstrate an exceptional impact on their community and school by teaching personal finance will be selected as honorees. Those selected as honorees will be awarded $3,500.  Educators who are not selected as honorees, but show exemplary effort in personal finance education will be awarded a Financial Innovation Award.
  • School Honoree $10,000 – Applicant schools who prioritize personal finance education, exemplify best practices in personal finance education, and provide an innovate proposal of continu ing to elevate personal finance education will be honored with a $10,000 award.  
  • School District Honoree $15,000 - Applicant school district who prioritize personal finance education, exemplify best practices in personal finance education, and provide an innovate proposal of continuing to elevate personal finance education throughout their district will be honored with a $15,000 award.  

Applicants may apply in one or more categories.  For example, an educator could also apply on behalf of their school and their school district.  See links below for further detail. 

To apply for the MoneyWi$er Financial Innovation Awards complete the online application for your selected category

Student Scholarship Application  |  Educator Award Application  |  School Award Application   |  School District Award Application

MoneyWi$er Podcast

The MoneyWi$er Podcast is an outlet for teens to ask experts the questions they have about money.  Learn about cryptocurrency, how YouTube stars monetize their craft, if college athletes should get paid, and much more.  To listen search "MoneyWi$er" (with the "$") on any app you listen to podcasts.  Click to LISTEN HERE to subscribe and listen on Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes and all other major podcast apps.  

MoneyWi$er: Personal Finance and How to Teach It 

Workshops presented by Economic Literacy Colorado


MoneyWi$er Workshops provide K-12 teachers with financial knowledge and skills for personal and classroom use. The day begins with breakfast and a keynote speaker. Y1 (first-time) teachers will break into grade bands to review the revised (2018) Colorado Academic Standards in personal financial literacy and how to teach them in the classroom. Returning teachers will follow a special Y2 morning track to build upon Y1 knowledge. Lunch includes an exhibit featuring programs and resources for you and your students. The afternoon is designed to improve your personal knowledge, with sessions led by professionals on Budgeting, How to Invest, Building Good Credit, Saving for Retirement, PERA overview, and more.

  • Dates: April 25 in Denver-area; plus three TBD June sessions in Grand Junction, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado
  • FEE: $25
  • Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Continuing Education: 7.5 hour continuing education letter
  • Includes: Lesson plans, light breakfast and lunch
  • Attendance Stipends: Each participant will receive a $125 stipend for attendance at the end of the day
  • Travel stipends: $50 travel stipends are available for teachers traveling more than 75 miles one-way to attend the class.

PFL Partners

The Colorado Department of Education is a member of the Colorado Jump$tart Coalition. Jump$tart is a nonprofit organization with more than 40 organizations and individuals representing business, government and education throughout the state of Colorado. These partners have joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Colorado youth by:

  • Raising awareness of personal financial literacy;
  • Enhancing professional development of Colorado educators on financial literacy issues;
  • Coordinating and promoting communication and cooperation among coalition members; and,
  • Supporting personal financial education legislation.

Purpose Statement

This site provides a hub of Personal Financial Literacy information and resources to support the academic achievement of all students in Colorado.

Content support through the Colorado Department of Education will address essential elements of a comprehensive district plan to offer standards based teaching and learning. Our intent is to:

  • provide tools and supports,
  • deliver clear, timely communication,
  • enhance collaboration between and among all stakeholders,
  • identify research-based approaches to curriculum development and teaching and learning,
  • promote professional development opportunities, and
  • align and integrate elements of CDE's Strategic Initiatives where appropriate.

We aim to provide tools for the empowerment of all stakeholders to actively participate in the process of implementing the Colorado Academic and English Language Proficiency Standards and transforming teaching and learning throughout the State of Colorado.

Relevant Legislation

In December 2009, the Colorado State Board of Education adopted revised content standards that included integration of Personal Financial Literacy standards within both the economics and mathematics content areas.

Pursuant to the requirements of House Bill 04-1360 (Colorado Revised Statute, 22-2-127), the Colorado Department of Education has developed a financial literacy resource bank to provide technical assistance in financial literacy to school districts. In addition to House Bill 04-1360, House Bill 1168, passed in 2008, required the adoption of standards for Financial Literacy.

Financial literacy enables students to manage savings, investment, and checking accounts, to design and maintain a household budget, to manage personal debt, to understand consumer credit and finance, to manage personal credit options, and to understand and select among short-term and long-term investment options.

For website assistance in PFL, please contact Alyssa Wooten.