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New CoMath Resources!

What are mathematics pathways? How might we rethink pathways to recover from COVID impacts on learning? Some new guidance on mathematics pathways, accelerated learning, and credit recovery may provide some answers. Also, if you're looking to estimate COVID impacts on the time and number of lessons needed to get students back on grade level, see the coherence gap spreadsheet.

Looking for a math podcast to support your summer learning? There are so many to choose from! Here are fourteen that are active as of Summer 2021.

Two new CDE research and practice guides have been posted in addition to the popular word problems guide that was posted a couple of years ago. Also, the Institution of Education Sciences (IES) has updated a guide about assisting students struggling with mathematics.

All Research and Practice Guides

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Academic Standards

The mathematics standards compel us to make mathematics relevant to students by moving beyond mere answer getting to doing the work of mathematicians. The standards emphasize the development of students’ abilities to use mathematics to represent their lived experiences and to simplify and explain complex phenomena.

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Curriculum Support

Article IX, Section 16 of Colorado's constitution states, "Neither the general assembly nor the state board of education shall have power to prescribe textbooks to be used in the public schools." However, CDE can still serve as an advisor to help districts and schools adopt, adapt, develop, or use the materials of their choice.

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Instructional Support

Instructional support is grounded in CDE's shared approach to Best, First Instruction as well as practices and strategies supported by professional organizations and scholars at the leading edge of mathematics education.

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There are many opportunities to connect and grow as a professional educator with the larger mathematics education community, including mailing lists, professional organizations, and events.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mathematics in Colorado

Do you have questions about Colorado's mathematics standards? Graduation requirements? Textbook recommendations? They might be answered here.

  1. How many high school math credits are required to graduate?
  2. Where is the list of math programs and interventions that are approved to use in schools?
  3. How are Colorado's math standards like and not like Common Core?

See the answers to these and other questions in the FAQ.

For further assistance, please contact:

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Mathematics Content Specialist
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