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Extended Evidence Outcomes

A strong command of academics is vital for being a successful student and ultimately a productive member of the 21st century workforce. Language, math, social studies and science skills have always been fundamental for academic and professional success. However, students in the 21st century are now facing more complex challenges in an ever-changing global society. These challenges have created the need for rigorous standards which include content knowledge and application of skills.

In 2005, the federal government allowed states to develop alternate academic achievement standards (AAAS) for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. In Colorado, the process involved the development of Expanded Benchmarks as the first iteration of the AAAS. In 2010-11 these became the Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEO). As required by statute, in 2018 the Colorado Academic Standards underwent significant updates. Once the Academic Standards were updated, the EEO in Reading, Writing, and Communicating, Math, Science, and Social Studies were revised. 

These standards were developed for a very small and specific group of students, those who have been identified with a significant cognitive disability. There is a process in place that assists educational teams with this decision. The process and documents are available on the Instructional Standards and Adaptations for Students with a Disability webpage.

These standards for students with significant cognitive disabilities in all grades must be clear and rigorous so that our public educational system gives all students the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in postsecondary environments and the workforce, to be well-informed and responsible citizens, and to lead fulfilling personal lives.  

The Colorado Academic Standards with EEO are available below in two different formats. They can be accessed in a downloadable document that mirrors the CAS document, that has the EEOs added or they can be accessed in a table format. 

Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) Mountain shield

Social Studies Extended Evidence Outcomes Public Comment

This system enables all Coloradans to provide specific feedback on every Extended Evidence Outcome (EEO) for the Social Studies content area of the Colorado Academic Standards. Feedback is being accepted ONLY on the Extended Evidence Outcomes. These outcomes are within the blue column on the documents to be reviewed. The standards, grade level expectations, and evidence outcomes associated with the documents for review have already been adopted by the State Board of Education. These areas have been grayed out on the documents.

The alternate achievement standards are designed to measure the progress of students with the most significant cognitive disabilities, no more than 1% of the school population. These are the students who receive their instruction on the EEO and take the COAlt, Colorado’s alternate assessment.

The feedback will be provided to the Social Studies EEO committee who will provide revision recommendations to the Colorado State Board of Education. 

The EEO online submission form will be accepting feedback from November 6 through December 1, 2023. 

  • EEO Documents by Grade Band (PDF, drafted 2023): PreK-5 | MS | HS

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Webinar Training Series For The 2020 Extended Evidence Outcomes

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Extended Evidence Outcomes Evaluation

Utilize the Extended Evidence Outcomes Evaluation to ask additional questions about the Extended Evidence Outcomes that were not answered after watching all of the webinars. If your question is one that is frequently asked, it will be added to the Frequently Asked document being developed.

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