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Advanced Placement Incentives Program


The Advanced Placement Incentives Program C.R.S. 22-95-105 (PDF), The Advanced Placement Incentives Program C.R.S. 22-95-105, AP Incentives, began during the 2014-15 academic year. The program is designed to incentivize the implementation and/or expansion of Advanced Placement programs in order to build capacity for increased Advanced Placement participation in rural and small rural school districts across Colorado.

During the 2018 legislative session, the Advanced Placement Incentives Program (HB18-1193) was extended for 3 years to 2021. Extend Advanced Placement Incentives Program C.R.S. 22-95-102. 

Distribution of Incentives

To date, the AP Incentives Program has awarded $1,187,500 in incentives to twenty six participating high schools in twenty three school districts across Colorado. These districts and schools represent a diverse cross-section of Colorado’s rural and small rural school districts Rural and Small Rural Designation list and for the 2018-19 school year,  the program served 475 students in reaching their Advanced Placement goals.

Funding priority goes to rural and small rural public high schools with a percentage of students who are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch exceeding the statewide high school average of 41%


Timeline for Funding

  • Each school that participates in the program can receive up to $500 per participating student’s completion of an Advanced Placement course and that same student taking the Advanced Placement exam. Please note: the number of available incentives awards may vary depending upon appropriation by the State Legislature.
  • Participating school(s) will receive half of the projected amount of incentive awards to be earned annually based upon fall enrollment or course selection for Advanced Placement courses as soon as practicable. Please note: For 2019-2020 year of funding these projections shall be made upon submission of the signed Memorandum of Understanding and in subsequent years upon submission of required end of year documentation..

  • Final payment of incentive awards will be paid by the Department to eligible schools before June 30th of the academic year or when student course and exam results become available;
  • Department shall award incentives to rural school(s) based upon 22 95-102, C.R.S.
  • Distribution for the program cannot exceed the annual allocated amount available for incentive awards and is subject to available appropriations.

Apply for the 2019-2020 AP Incentives Program

The 2019-20 application will be here by Monday, Oct. 7, and will be due to CDE by Friday, Nov. 1. Priority will be given to schools with Free and Reduced Lunch percentages above the state average.



Marina Kokotovic