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Food Service Management Company (FSMC) and Vended Meal Contracts


All food service management companies and meal vendors are required to formally register with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) School Nutrition Unit to be eligible to enter into contracts for the service of USDA Child Nutrition Programs. Sponsors of Child Nutrition Programs may only solicit proposals from Food Service Management Companies (FSMC) or meal vendors registered with the CDE School Nutrition Unit. The Process for Contracting with an FSMC or Meal Vendor (PDF) provides an overview of FSMC and vended meal contracts, as well as the solicitation templates that are required for each type of contract.

Food Service Management Contracts (FSMCs)

Food Service Management Company (FSMC) Contract: In a fixed fee or cost-reimbursable contract, the FSMC manages any aspect of the Child Nutrition Program(s), including but not limited to staffing, menu planning, ordering, preparing and serving meals, budgeting, etc. There are some duties that the Sponsor may not delegate to the FSMC, which the Sponsor must still complete.

FSMC Contract Renewal for 2021-22

FSMC contracts eligible for renewal may be renewed using the FSMC Renewal Agreement (DOC). CDE will host a contract renewal webinar on March 24 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. to provide additional details about contract renewals. Register for the webinar

For all FSMC contracts, the renewal amendment must be approved by CDE before it is effective: 

By May 31st, submit the completed renewal agreement and the following documentation to

  • Signed Agreement to Renew (including non-delegable duties form for FSMC)
  • End of Year 19-20 invoice
  • January 2021 invoice

Food Service Management Contract (FSMC) Documents

Vended Meal Contracts

Vended Meals Contract: In a fixed fee vended meals contract, the meal vendor provides the meals only (prepackaged, pre-plated, or bulk/family-style) and does not manage any other aspect of the Child Nutrition Programs. However, if the contractor’s employees are responsible for final preparation and/or serving of prepackaged, pre-plated meals, the additional services are included in the fixed fee bid and may not be charged separately.

Vended Meals Contract Renewal for 2021-22

Vended meal contracts eligible for renewal may be renewed using the Vended Meals Renewal Agreement (DOC). Submit the renewal agreement with your application in the Child Nutrition Portal.

FSMCs and Meal Vendors

Annual Vendor Registration: open for the 2021-22 school year

Companies that wish to receive vended meals or food service management solicitations may register with CDE School Nutrition using the Annual Vendor and FSMC Registration online form. Please note that a signed copy of the Non-delegable duties, Suspension and Debarment, and Anti-Lobbying Certification forms must be attached in the online form.  

For additional information on Meal Vendor and FSMC registration, review this 15 minute webinar on the Meal Vendor and FSMC Registration Process.

For more information on FSMCs, contact Jenny Herman or 720-812-3119.