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Marijuana Use Prevention Resource Bank

Marijuana use prevention resource bank. The Jack Splitt memorial resource bank. Resource bank. 


Legislation creating the Marijuana Use Prevention Resource Bank (S.B. 17-025), also known as the Jack Splitt Memorial Marijuana Resource Bank, was signed into law in June of 2017. The statute directs the Colorado Department of Education to create and maintain a resource bank for public schools consisting of evidence-based, research-based and promising materials and curricula pertaining to marijuana use prevention.

This resource bank provides public schools in Colorado the tools necessary to help address marijuana in the age of legal recreational use for adults. In addition to a broad group of stakeholders, users of the bank are invited to provide feedback with suggested improvements. The goal is to provide useful resources for schools in Colorado, while ensuring consistent updates for new promising practices and programs.

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In an effort to assist the education community or the general public, the Colorado Department of Education identifies resources and other assistance on this site and provides links to external websites.  CDE cannot be responsible for the accuracy, legality, or content of the resources provided by any third party, or on any external site.

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CDE and its employees do not make any warranty, express or implied, not assume any liability for the services provided by any entity, program or resource identified on this site or through links from this site.  Further, CDE does not provide any funding to the third party entities, programs and resources identified herein and/or through links; it does not provide funding to those who wish to use the resources.

Did you know?

The Marijuana Use Prevention Resource Bank is split into two main components. The first contains programs that can be found on at least one evidence-based registries and is titled "Registry Programs." The second holds additional resources from state agencies in Colorado, including trainings, programs, and other useful resources.


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