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Strong Family and Community Partnerships: Dropout Prevention Framework



Foundational practices are focused on proactive systems-level efforts to engage students fully in learning. Foundational practices provide the groundwork for the implementation of the four dropout prevention strategies and are important structures to engage students. They are built off of and align to school improvement and student success efforts in Colorado including Colorado’s Four Domains of Rapid School Improvement; Multi-Tiered System of Supports; Landscape of Well-Being (coming soon); and Family, School, and Community Partnerships

Strong Family and Community Partnerships:

Building family, school, and community partnerships can increase engagement and prevent students from dropping out of school. When families are involved in their child’s education, particularly in high school, students are more likely to have higher attendance, a positive attitude about school, and improved academic achievement. Partnering with community groups (e.g., community-based organizations, neighborhood associations) can support the academic success and well-being of students, especially in the upper grades when opportunities for career-connected learning can increase. 


Dropout Prevention Framework: This document includes the full framework, with foundational practices, prioritized strategies, and research citations.

Implementation Spotlight

This section will be updated during the 2023-24 school year. 

Implementation Guides

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