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Connected Relationships and Culture: Dropout Prevention Framework



Foundational practices are focused on proactive systems-level efforts to engage students fully in learning. Foundational practices provide the groundwork for the implementation of the four dropout prevention strategies and are important structures to engage students. They are built off of and align to school improvement and student success efforts in Colorado including Colorado’s Four Domains of Rapid School Improvement; Multi-Tiered System of Supports; Landscape of Well-Being (coming soon); and Family, School, and Community Partnerships

Connected Relationships and Culture:

This practice means that students feel belonging in their school, feel physically and emotionally safe at school, have strong relationships with others at school, and stay connected to school experiences. Schools that intentionally foster authentic and positive relationships with students help them feel empowered to direct their own learning and explore pathways forward. On the flip side, schools that are consistently rated as having a poor school climate by students and families tend to have more disengaged students who may be at an increased risk of disengagement and dropping out.

Full Documents

Dropout Prevention Framework: This document includes the full framework, with foundational practices, prioritized strategies, and research citations. 

Implementation Spotlight

This section will be updated during the 2023-24 school year. 

Implementation Guides

There are numerous resources that support aspects of school connectedness and provide resources and models for implementation.  

School Climate Measures: Surveys of students, staff, and families are common ways to better understand school experiences and inform strategies.  

Connectedness and Belonging: CDE’s Landscape of Well-Being and School Climate Improvement Strategies include concrete actions schools can take to foster connections and relationships among students, teachers, administrators, and staff to increase student investment in the school community. 

Safety: Physical and emotional safety are important for students' connection to school and ability to engage in learning.