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School-Family-Community Partnership Survey

Colorado's School-Family-Community Partnership Survey

Due to extensive feedback from schools and districts across the state, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has developed a survey to assess the outreach efforts of a school or district based on the perceptions of school personnel and families. This is a free resource for any school or district to use to evaluate and improve family-school-community partnering (FSCP), aligned with the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships (PTA, 2008). National and state subject-matter experts, including the State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education (SACPIE) provided feedback on the face validity, content, and wording of the selected questions. The CDE team also received approval from the Educational Data Advisory Committee (EDAC).

NOTE: CDE has not collected any data using the surveys; therefore, reliability and validity analyses could not be conducted. It is recommended that data from the first administration of the surveys be used to check the validity and reliability of survey items. If you are interested in piloting the survey and having CDE test for validity and reliability, contact Greg Nusz, Program Evaluation and Data Manager, at 303-358-1456 or

Potential Usage

The survey is designed to measure families’ and teachers’ perceptions of partnership outreach. The questions on both surveys coincide so that schools and districts can identify differences in perception of FSCP. The survey is not intended to measure the extent to which partnerships impact student achievement.
School or district leaders may use the survey results to identify areas of improvement in FSCP. The survey may also be helpful for accountability committees to use to satisfy their legislative responsibility of increasing parent involvement in the school and district.

For other questions regarding the survey, contact Darcy Hutchins, Director of Family Partnerships, at 303-562-8175 or
Teacher Survey: Word | PDF Spanish
Parent Survey: Word | PDF Spanish