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Year-Round Collections - Directory


The Data Pipeline Directory contains key information about school districts and their member schools. This information includes, district contact information, school contact information, district key personnel, district board membership, vendor system information, calendars, and the reduced academic calendar application.

Key Dates

  • Year Round - District, key personnel, BOCES, vendor and school information can be updated at any time
  • 2/3/2023 - 6/30/2023 - School Code Changes for 2023-2024
  • 2/13/2023 – 5/10/2023 - Reduced Academic Calendar Applications
  • 6/1/2023 - 9/1/2023 - School District Calendars
  • 11/1/2023 - 12/2/2023 - Update Local School Board Membership

Directory File Layout and Definitions

Directory Board Membership

Reduced Academic Calendar Application Directions - formally 4 Day School Week

Submit Your Annual Reduced Academic Calendar Application by May 10, 2023

School districts operating with less than 160 scheduled days per school year (reduced academic calendars or four day school weeks) are required to submit a request for approval.

To be considered for the 2023-2024 school year, please complete the application via the Directory in Data Pipeline by May 10, 2023. Districts requesting approval are not obligated to follow their proposed calendar if their local planning is not finalized.

In addition to submitting the application through Data Pipeline, districts that are on Performance Watch (Priority Improvement, Turnaround or On Watch, years 0+) submitting a district-wide application for all schools within the district to be on a reduced calendar need to submit the following additional information separately using the form link below. Additional information includes a copy of the respective school/district calendars, building class schedules, assembly schedules, bell schedules including lunch time intervals, and professional development calendar.

CDE will review the additional materials for the use and prioritization of instructional time. The executive director of field services and the associate commissioner of school quality and support must recommend approval of the application before it is forwarded to the commissioner for consideration.

Submit Performance Watch Reduced Academic Calendar Form

School Code Change Request Forms - new website