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Assessment Communications Toolkit

The following items are designed to help districts and schools communicate about the spring 2022 state assessments. All materials may be tailored to meet your local needs. More materials will be added as they are updated.

Fact Sheets for Families

These fact sheets are designed to help districts communicate with families about the results of Colorado's 2022 state assessments.

Spring 2022 State Assessments
This fact sheet explains the assessments Colorado students will take in spring 2022.

At a Glance 2022-22
This one-page fact sheet shows which state assessments students will take in spring 2022 based on grade level and the total time students in each grade will spend taking state tests.


About PSAT and SAT

  • PSAT/SAT Fact Sheet (PDF)
    PSAT/SAT are aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and provide other benefits, including free, high-quality practice tools and scholarship opportunities.


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