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Grants Program Administration Office Staff

DeLilah Collins, Director
720-537-9882 (c)

Kim Burnham, Competitive Grants and Awards Supervisor
720-607-1495 (c)

Jess Hollingshead, Operations Supervisor
720-557-2241 (c)

Brittany Jimenez, Program Support
303-518-7235 (c)

Patty Gleason, Senior Consultant
303-910-5721 (c)

Mandy Christensen, Principal Consultant
303-957-6217 (c)

Megan Allen Winicki, Grants Management Specialist
303-656-8686 (c)

VACANT - EANS Coordinator
Email and phone number coming soon!

Michelle Prael, Senior Consultant
720-545-7368 (c)