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Colorado Grants Administration Implementation and Navigation System (GAINS)

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Starting January 2, 2024, CDE's GAINs Office Hours will be held on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:00 pm MST. Please see the GAINS Training Page for more details, or click here to register.

GAINS Access

  • Districts will use the "Sign in with CDE Identity Management (IdM)" option from the GAINS Sign-In screen. Charter Schools and Community-Based Organizations will use the native login setup through CDE
  • Charter Schools should submit the Charter School Access Form to receive login credentials and assign roles and permissions.
  • CBOs should use the non-district organization GAINS access form.


The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is excited to announce the successful implementation of our grants management system, GAINS! This new system, the Grants Administration Implementation and Navigation System (GAINS), will revolutionize the way we manage and administer grants.

GAINS offers:

  • Streamlined Application Processes: Our new system simplifies the grant application process, making it more accessible and user-friendly for both applicants and reviewers.
  • Improved Communication: The system enhances collaboration through GAINS with automated notifications and real-time updates.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: GAINS allows users to easily generate insightful reports that provide access to applicant data for legislative reports and tracking the impact of our grants.
  • Enhanced Security: Our new system prioritizes data security to protect sensitive information and maintain the highest level of trust with our applicants and stakeholders.

CDE's Grants Program Administration Office (GPA) will continue to update this page with critical information on GAINS resources, tools, login, and other updates related to implementation. Subscribe to The Scoop to be notified of the latest regarding roll-out, training, and other GAINS related news. We also encourage you to reach out with any questions or feedback by email.