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Blended Learning Information

Blended Learning Guidance

Under Colorado Revised Statute, (§ 22-5-119, C.R.S.)Colorado recognizes supplemental online and blended learning for brick-and-mortar schools.

  • A working definition of blended learning, as outlined in 22-5-199, C.R.S., is “a formal education program through which a student learns at least in part through digital content with some element of student control and at least in part a supervised physical location that is not the student's home”.
  • For more information about the Colorado Department of Education's work and research on blended learning in Colorado, please visit the Blended Learning Initiative (BLI) page:

Blended Learning Reports

As the designated entity for statewide supplemental and online blended learning programming, per statutory reference in 22-5-199, C.R.S., the Colorado River Board of Cooperative Education Services (CR BOCES) publishes a public "Report on Blended and Supplemental Learning" annually through the Colorado Empowered Learning (CEL) state-supported program. 

Blended Learning Resources

What is Blended Learning:

What is blended learning? - This publication from The Clayton Christensen Institute provides definitions about common models about this formal education program. (2016)

What Is Blended Learning? - This publication by iNACOL, explains how blended learning environments work and provides key questions to ask about blended learning. (2016)

What is Blended Learning? - A video clip of Dr. Amy Anderson and Ben DeGrow join host Jon Caldara to talk about ways kids are learning with blended learning. (2012)

More About Blended Learning:

Maximizing Competency Education and Blended Learning - A publication from iNACOL and CompetencyWorks about maximizing learning through blended approaches. (2015)

Blended Learning: Resource Roundup - Resources about combining face-to-face instruction with technology-mediated learning. (2015)

Blended Learning Models Definitions - A diagram illustrating the various forms of blended learning based on research by the Clayton Christensen Institute. (2014)

Blending Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education - This publication by iNACOL, explores ways blended learning is developed by schools. (2008)

Explore Blended Learning:

Blended Learning Universe - Resources about designing a blended learning program for your classroom, school, or district.

The Clayton Christensen Institute - Formerly the Innosight Institute, has searchable "blended learning" articles and reports.