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Blended and Online Learning

About Us

The Office of Blended & Online Learning serves and supports Online & Blended Learning Schools, Programs, Students, Parents, Authorizers, other related entities, and individuals related to K-12 Online & Blended Learning in Colorado. We are committed to providing information to all interested parties, as well as supporting the responsible growth of Online Learning & Blended Learning.

The Office of Blended & Online Learning began duties October 1, 2007 under Senate Bill 215 legislation. Our purposes are:

  • To support Online Schools, Programs, Students, Parents, Authorizers, and other entities related to Online Learning by providing information and access to available data;
  • To facilitate the certification of Multi-District Online Schools.

Seeking Feedback-Successor School Guidance

During the 2019 legislative session, Senate Bill 19-129 (Regulation of Online Schools), was passed and calls for CDE to develop criteria to determine whether a newly authorized multi-district online school is a new multi-district online school or a successor to a previously authorized multi-district online school.  Following passage of SB19-129,  the definition of a successor school was added to 1 CCR 301-71 (Rules for the Administration, Certification and Oversight of Colorado Online Programs). Within these rules, a successor school is defined as an online school that is a replication, addition, division, or reorganization of an existing or previously authorized online school as determined by the criteria adopted by the Department.  Click here to view the guidance.  

The following schedule for receiving feedback has been set up:

  • If you have any feedback to share on the guidance, please send it to Renee Martinez and Bill Kottenstette by Friday, October 16th. We welcome feedback on the guidance at any time; however, if you provide us feedback by October 16th, then we can address it during the follow-up call.
  • A stakeholder call will be held on Thursday, October 22nd from 3pm-4pm to review the feedback we received and to address any possible changes we make to the guidance based on the feedback received. Phone call information will communicated at a later date. 

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College Level Online Courses

For information regarding Online Courses in Higher Education, please visit the Colorado Department of Higher Education.