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Early Childhood Services


The Colorado Migrant Education Program supports collaborations with quality Early Childhood Programs that inform and assist families in our MEP regions with school readiness for students. We currently participate in the following programs: LENA Home, Kids Play Math, and the School Readiness Observation Tool. LENA Home supports interactive dialogues between parents and children (ages birth to five) using a language pedometer that measures how much of the conversation comes from the parent and how much comes from the child. Kids Play Math with the University of Denver supports the integration of the School Readiness Checklist with an emphasis in math for children ages three to five. The School Readiness Observation Tool measures physical development, early math development, socio-emotional development, literacy and language development. The Early Childhood Program also trains and supports Early Childhood Specialists in each of our MEP regions to provide early childhood services according to the needs of families. The Colorado Migrant Education Program also participates in the Parent Engagement Consortium Grant that supports parent engagement in their child’s education from ages three to twenty-one.


  • Create partnerships with early childhood programs to serve migrant families. 
  • Integrate parent engagement programs related to early childhood learning for families. 
  • Plan and deliver services in supporting families with early childhood learning and development, especially for children ages birth to five. 

School Readiness Observation Tool


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