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Gifted Education Regional Consultant Grant

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The Gifted Education Regional Grant Program was established to provide technical assistance and professional development in the field of gifted education through qualified staff.  Grant funds are appropriated annually which support a part-time regional consultant, professional development for educators, resources, materials, and family/caregiver and student events based on regional input and need.


As part of the grant,  Colorado is divided into ten regions in order to provide systems of local support for gifted education.  Each designated region in Colorado has a Gifted Education Regional Consultant (GERC) who provides technical assistance to administrative unit (AU) Gifted Education Directors/Coordinators. The GERC coordinates regularly scheduled regional network meetings for the benefit of Administrative Unit staff, facilitates the organization and delivery of selected professional development, and supports the statewide system for development of common materials/resources and monitoring obligations. The GERC works with directors of record on the development and  implementation of comprehensive program plans, preparation for monitoring, support of annual plan performance targets, budget and grant application preparation, and additional technical assistance in meeting required elements of ECEA. 



The purpose of the Gifted Education Regional Grant Program is to:

  • Provide funds for a Gifted Education Regional Consultant (GERC) to serve as grant manager who will support a specific regional AU network.
  • Provide ongoing tiered support, consultation and technical assistance to AU directors of record of gifted programs.
  • Foster collaboration and sharing of resources among AU directors of record in the region and across the state in support of ECEA rules.
  • Provide selected professional development experiences coordinated with the regional AU directors of record and other AU leadership is identified, to increase capacity of educators to identify and program for students with exceptional abilities and potential from all populations as described in ECEA rule.
  • Provide resources and information through the GERCs participation in statewide resource development efforts and GERC meetings.
  • Provide differentiated support to AU leads in meeting ECEA requirements and in support of local control.


Colorado Regions

  • The Southwest area is split into two service regions: Southwest-west and Southwest-east
  • The Northeast area is split into two service regions: East Central and Northeast


Gifted Education Regional Consultants