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Multiple Measures of Content Competency: Traditional Program Completers


Colorado TRADITIONAL Candidates

First Review Endorsement Requirements

If you have:

  • Passing score(s) on required content Praxis exam(s) (any endorsement);
  • A degree in the content area (K12/Middle School/Secondary only); and/or
  • 24 credit hours of coursework in the content area with grades of B- or higher (K12/Middle School/Secondary only) 

then review Endorsement Requirements here.  You may be eligible for a first-time Colorado teacher license by meeting one or more of the above criteria without a Multiple Measures review. You can find information about how to obtain a first-time Colorado teacher license here.

Completers of Colorado traditional preparation programs may demonstrate content competency in any of the ways (Praxis, degree, coursework/grades, portfolio) indicated in the graphics below.

ECE, ECSE, elementary and SpEd generalist endorsements only:

(full-size pdf)

K-12, middle school math and secondary (7-12) endorsements only:

(full-size pdf)

If you don't meet the above, you can submit for a Multiple Measures of Content Competency review by following these steps:

  1. Complete the appropriate endorsement worksheet
  2. Gather together supporting documentation as required on the worksheet (which may include transcripts, course syllabi, PRAXIS exam reports or portfolio evidence)
  3. Log in COOL, select the "Apply for Credential" button and then scroll to the authorization list at the bottom of the page, locate the "Multiple Measures of Content Competency" form and select "Apply." (Please note: There is no application fee and a credential will not be issued.)
  4. Upon completion of the reviews, candidates will be notified via the email address in their COOL account.
  5. Upon notification:
  • If approved, provide proof of approval to your preparation program and request an approved program verification form (APV).
    • Upon receipt of the APV, follow the application checklist and log in to COOL to complete and submit a teacher license application.
  • If not approved, you will need to review the options to determine how best to proceed, whether through a subsequent submission with additional information, by taking a course that meets requirements not met or by taking the approved PRAXIS exam(s).
    • You then will either follow the submission steps above or provide a copy of your passing PRAXIS score report(s) to your preparation program to request an APV.



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