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Educator Development Unit 

The Educator Development Unit supports the growth of Colorado educators and leaders.  Primary focuses include the Principal Leadership Institute, induction, and professional development.

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New web page outlining professional development requirements related to recent legislation

A new professional development requirements web page provides in depth information related to professional development that must be completed in the areas of special education and behavioral health, English Learners, and the READ Act.

Updated induction rubric and resources

Updated induction rubrics for teacher, SSP, and principal/administrator induction are available now as well as updated directions on induction approvals and renewals.  Details can be found on the induction webpages.

Join a District/BOCES Leader Focus Group

When school districts and BOCES are approved by CDE to offer principal induction it also allows them to provide administrator induction. However, administrators have different needs in their new roles from Superintendent to district administrators such as Human Resources directors, Special Education directors or teaching and learning leaders. The Educator Development team at CDE is seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges of new district/BOCES leaders.

We are hosting a focus group to gain insights into the support needed for a successful transition to a district/BOCES leadership role. If you have made this type of transition within the last five years, please consider joining us for a one-hour focus group via Zoom on October 19, 2023 at 1 p.m. You can register here.



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Induction Programs 

Induction programs help set the stage for continuous growth and support of educators at the beginning of their careers or as they transition to new organizations or new roles within an organization.

​Principal Leadership Institute

The Principal Leadership Institute is a two-year program focusing on developing the leadership capacity of principals.  There are three pathways a principal can choose for a coaching focus – Distributive Leadership, Early Literacy (Science of Reading) Implementation, or First-Year Principals. Principal participants work alongside exemplary principal coaches using a Cognitive Coaching℠ framework. The program framework consists of job-embedded, actionable leadership seminars, monthly workshops, site visits and bi-weekly coaching sessions with principal coaches. The philosophy of this model builds in high levels of support for leaders (via principal coaches) throughout the program to sustain and integrate the skills and behaviors learned during the seminars.  Visit the PLI webpage.

Troops to Teachers Colorado

As you may be aware, the Troops to Teachers program was sunset on October 1, 2020.  However, the Colorado Department of Education is proud to support military veterans and their families with recruiting, preparation, licensing and placement assistance.  We work closely with participants, hiring authorities and other organizations affected by the program changes to communicate and coordinate final program details.  You can find out more on the Troops to Teachers Colorado page.

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