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Data Sources and Analysis Tools

Data Sources Guide

The data sources guide provides detailed information on data sources which may be helpful in completing an early learning needs assessment. The CDE encourages schools to use these data sources and questions in partnership with the key personnel listed to guide conversation. The information gained through the analysis of these data sources will help determine performance trends and gaps across early learning and inform the root causes of school performance.

data sources guide

Data Analysis Template

The purpose of the data analysis tool is to provide support for one possible way to organize and analyze data sources that meet and exceed the minimum expectations of an early learning needs assessment. Specifically, this tool provides an excel template for reviewing current performance in relationship to early learning and summary tables of possible ways to review the data to identify trends. Its purpose is not to make individual child level data decisions, but to collect summary progress and academic performance data from school level data driven discussions, and review to inform continuous improvement.

data analysis template

Preschool-Third Grade Data Sources Glossary

The P-3 data glossary provides a list of data sources from preschool through third grade that can be used to complete a more extensive early learning needs assessment that exceeds minimum requirements. This glossary includes performance, demographic, process, and perception data.