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Added Endorsement (Teacher)

Preparing to Apply

Am I in the Right Place?

This checklist is for licensed teachers and special service provider applicants seeking an added endorsement to a valid (active) Colorado educator license. If you do not hold an active license, please review the other checklists and make the appropriate selection.

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Plan Ahead

  • You will need electronic copies of all documentation.
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  • Allow ample time to request any third party transcripts or other documentation.

Application Fee:

$ 80.00



  • In most cases, additional fingerprinting is not required for this type of application.
    • If you already hold a valid, CDE-issued educational credential and have consistently maintained an active credential (authorization or license) since you submitted your fingerprints, you can skip this step. We reserve the right to evaluate your application for adherence to the fingerprint requirements and will notify you by email should any follow-up be needed.
    • If you have submitted fingerprints for CDE credentialing in the past, but allowed all credentials to lapse and have held no active credential for a period exceeding 1 year, you must submit a new set of fingerprints.

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  • List the names and addresses of the colleges/universities you've attended.
  • State statute requires that you submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.  This would include any transfer credits that led to your degree earned.  If required for the endorsement you are seeking, your official transcripts must show a minimum of a Bachelor's degree conferred.  ( View Transcript Requirements )
  • Transcripts from institutions outside the US must be in English or include an authentic English translation, and have been evaluated by an established credential evaluation service as selected by CDE for course equivalence. CDE currently only accepts evaluations completed by a NACES member.
  • Demonstrate professional and content competency by meeting Colorado Endorsement Requirements:
    • For endorsements that require a degree or 24 credit hours, you must provide official transcripts from ALL colleges/universities attended. Credits are only accepted from regionally accredited colleges/universities. View Transcript Requirements Must also submit completed endorsement worksheet, where available.
    • For endorsements that are added through required content exams, obtain proof that you have completed and passed a Colorado-approved content exam. Must also submit completed endorsement worksheet, where available.
    • For endorsements that require an approved program, download and complete the appropriate Approved Program Verification form. 
  • Teachers only: Include proof of work experience, in-service training, and/or professional development in your endorsement area.
    • CDE may grant you up to six credit hours towards the requirements for an added endorsement.
    • If you are seeking credit for work experience, you must obtain a signed letter from your supervising administrator (on official school letterhead) that documents the total number of contact hours completed in the endorsement area you are seeking.
    • If you are seeking credit for in-service training or professional development, you will need to obtain certificates of completion. Certificates must include your name, name of the workshop/conference, name of the agency providing workshop, location, dates and contact hours, and a signature from the provider verifying your attendance and completion of workshop.

( View Information on Adding an Additional Endorsement to a Valid License )

  • Reading teacher, reading specialist, and instructional technology specialist applicants only: Download and complete the Experience Verification form to confirm that you have completed the required teaching experience. ( Download the Added Endorsement Verification Form )


  • Within the application you must include employment history for at least the past 5 years.
    • Include teaching experience from more than 5 years ago, if you have it.


  • If applicable, obtain supporting documentation on the following:
    • Past criminal history
    • Disciplinary actions
    • Any issues related to licensure or employment

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