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Trainings for McKinney-Vento

Stakeholder-Specific Video Trainings

The following are links to video training resources for districts to utilize in the implementation of McKinney-Vento for the stakeholder groups indicated:

2021-2022 Trainings

Title IA Webinar Series

In March of 2022, the Colorado Department of Education hosted a three-webinar series on Title IA Set-asides to support homeless children and youth.  The series covered the required cross- program coordination between the McKinney-Vento Act and Title I, Part A to support the identification and address the needs of students experiencing homelessness. The webinar series was designed to support McKinney-Vento District Liaisons and Title I district partners in planning and coordinating services for students in their districts.  Please see the recordings, slides and shared resources to support coordination at your district.   

Session 1 - District Perspectives on Leveraging Title IA Set-asides to serve children and youth experiencing homelessness

Session 2 - National Recommended Practices from SchoolHouse Connection

Session 3 - Federal Program Updates and Local Liaison Sharing 

Additional Guidance on Title IA Set-Asides for Serving Homeless Children and Youth


2020-2021 Trainings

Highly-Mobile Coffee Chats (Spring 2021)

Training Archives

2019-2020 Trainings:

Share and Learn with Liaisons across Colorado Recordings (Spring-Summer 2020) - PowerPoints can be provided upon request.

Building Mutual Engagement between Schools and Continuums of Care

The Homeless Education and Foster Care Education Programs teamed up to host a Back to School webinar to provide the most up-to-date information on both programs.