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Data, Accountability, Reporting and Evaluation (DARE)

The Data, Accountability, Reporting and Evaluation (DARE) team under the Office of ESEA Programs within the Federal Programs Unit is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of ESEA programs, as reauthorized under ESSA, and fulfilling federal accountability and data reporting requirements. Our team collects, manages, and analyzes data to inform the development of applications for funding and standards for program quality, by going beyond accountability measures and evaluating the impact of programs and identifying best practices in program implementation.


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Data Collections Managed by DARE


School Support and Improvement under ESSA

Colorado uses indicators from the state accountability system for federal accountability purposes. For more information about the state accountability system, please visit:
Schools identified for support and improvement under ESSA must develop improvement plans that address the reasons for identification.


Federal Reporting

State-Level Assessment Data Summaries:


Program Evaluations and Analyses

The following are links to recent reports summarizing data analysis and program evaluation results for various programs. 


For all available reports, including reports from prior years and a summary of findings, visit the Available Evaluation Reports page.

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