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Staff Contacts - Office of Facility Schools

Judy Stirman
Phone: 303-476-1880
Email Judy Stirman

Ann Symalla
Monitoring Specialist
Phone: 303-445-1041
Email Ann Symalla

Robin Singer 
Phone: 720-454-6229
Email Robin Singer

Dede Landry
State Assessment and Enrich Consultant
Email Dede Landry

Annie Haskins
Special Education/IEP System Administrator
Phone: 303-859-4406
Email Annie Haskins

Lori Kochevar
Online Systems Specialist
Phone: 720-557-0618
Email Lori Kochevar

Wendy Dunaway 
Assistant Director
Phone: 303-726-2209
Email Wendy Dunaway

Darren Serrato
Program Support
Phone: 720-666-0502
Email Darren Serrato

Allie Miller 
Technical Assistance Center Coordinator
Phone: 720-661-2981
Email Allie Miller