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Hurricane Emergency Impact Aid

As of August 2006, over $3.9 million was allocated to Colorado K-12 schools through the Emergency (Hurricane) Impact Aid program, to help accommodate for the educational needs of these students. Funding allocations reflect the maximum allocation allowed per student, per quarter under the Hurricane Education Recovery Act (PDF).

Colorado Society of School Psychologists

Charlotte W. Armstrong

Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Monday and Wednesday - Palmer Lake Elementary School (719) 488-4760
Tuesday - Ray Kilmer Elementary School (719) 488-4740

The Colorado Society of School Psychologists State-Wide Crisis Response Team is available to assist Colorado educators, students, families, and communities in preventing and responding to crises. The team provides comprehensive, school-based prevention, intervention and prevention crisis resources, and services.

The CSSP State-Wide Crisis Response Team encourages interagency collaboration and services in preparing for and responding to crises that impact the school and community.