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How Will My Credits Transfer?

Concurrent Enrollment: how will my credits transfer?

How Will My Concurrent Enrollment Credits Transfer?

Your Concurrent Enrollment classes in high school should count for college credit. However, the transferability of credits earned through Concurrent Enrollment takes a little work on your part, before and after you take your course. Learn more about transferability (PDF).

Limits? There may be limits on what an institution will accept towards the program of study. Institutions may require a minimum # of credits to be awarded a degree.

Transferability vs. Applicability

Think about your career path before choosing your Concurrent Enrollment course

  • The Concurrent Enrollment course you register for should go towards the degree, certification or training you are planning to complete after you graduate high school. This is how you are going to save money and time in college!
  • Introductory courses or Guaranteed Transfer GT Pathway courses are good examples of the types of Concurrent Enrollment courses to consider.

Review college degree plans or use online tools

  • Check the college/university website where you want to enroll after you graduate high school to find the specific courses required for different degrees or certifications
  • Some colleges/universities use Transferology to help students figure out how their college credits will transfer. While not an official credit assessment, it is a useful, free online tool
  • The Colorado Department of Higher Education provides information on transferring credits within public college/universities in the state of Colorado

Send your college transcripts and contact college advisor

  • You have to send your college transcripts (separate from your high school transcript) to the college/university you are planning to enroll at in order for your college credits to be evaluated
  • There may be a fee to send your college transcripts (electronically or by mail)
  • Check the college/university website where you are taking your Concurrent Enrollment course to find out more about their transcripts process, including any cost
  • Follow up with your college advisor if you have any questions on how your college credits were accepted