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Office of Grants Fiscal

About Us

The Office of Grants Fiscal ensures that State and Federal grant funds are administered in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws, regulations, EDGAR, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) circulars, and specific grant terms and conditions.

The Office provides consistency across programs in the interpretation and application of State and Federal fiscal requirements, and determines local education agency (LEA) allocations. It also provides support and technical assistance to program managers and grantees regarding Single Assurance requirements, budgets, fiscal reporting and funding projections.

CDE Office of Grants Fiscal

201 E. Colfax Ave, Room 208
Denver, CO 80203


Important Announcements

The FY20-21 Annual Financial Reports for ESSER I and Consolidated Application Funds (ESSA) can be found on their respective online application.  There will be no excel template available.  The ESSER AFR due date is October 29, 2021 and the ESSA AFR due date is November 15, 2021. 

Final Period CFR Reporting - 9/01/21 through 12/17/21 - Due 12/17/21 

If you have already reported spending all CRF funds (grants 4012,5012, or 6012), but you need to make an adjustment between categories, file a report using the link below. You will make your adjustments by taking the amount of your adjustment and entering it as the total for that category in the current period. For example, If you want to move $100 in spending from category A to category B, you would enter ($100) in category A and $100 in category B. 

If you are reporting current period expenditures AND making an adjustment to a prior period's expenditures, you are to net these adjustments out of your current expenditures. That is, if you spent $100 less in a previous period than you reported, you would take what you spent in the current period and reduce what you report to CDE by $100.