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School and District Accreditation

School And District Accreditation


The State Board of Education is responsible for the annual accreditation of school districts. Accreditation ratings are based on the results of each district’s performance framework. Likewise, districts are responsible for accrediting their schools based upon the state’s appraisal of the school’s performance.  After performance frameworks are released in the fall, all districts are responsible for verifying their district rating and school plan types in the Accreditation Form and ensuring their accreditation contract is up-to-date. Under some conditions, districts may submit additional evidence to adjust a school or district’s plan type through the request to reconsider process.  Once school and district plan types are finalized, the accreditation contract is signed by state and local leadership.  This documents that the district is in good standing with the state and remains in compliance as laid out by state statute and regulated by the state board. Below you will find more information on the accreditation of schools and districts in Colorado


 District Accreditation Contracts

 Accreditation and Request to Reconsider Guidance

School Accreditation and Request to Reconsider


General Overview of Colorado's Accreditation Process


In Colorado, the state accredits school districts in August/September, districts accredit their schools in September/October, and districts sign accreditation contracts by December 31st.


Accreditation Form 

All districts must submit the Accreditation Form housed within the Accountability & Continuous Improvement (ACI) online system (formerly known as the UIP online system) by September 22, 2023. The form’s purpose is to:

  • Begin the process of finalizing school plan types and district accreditation ratings;

  • Provide district updates for unique circumstances (e.g., new schools); &

  • Indicate intent to pursue a request to reconsider.


The form is available to district accountability contacts (access and permissions are described in this guide).


Request to Reconsider

If, in reviewing overall performance or the performance of an individual school, a district determines that a different accreditation rating or plan type assignment better describes the performance of students, then the district may engage in the request to reconsider process. Request to reconsider submissions are due October 16, 2023 within the Accountability & Continuous Improvement (ACI) online system. For more information, go to the School Accreditation and Request to Reconsider website:


Accreditation of Public Schools

Districts and local boards are responsible for the accreditation of their schools (C.R.S. 22-11-307). Each fall, the state calculates School Performance Frameworks that assign plan types to all schools in Colorado. Each local board annually assigns and adopts an accreditation category for their schools that correlates to the plan type determined by the Department. Districts and local boards may choose to adopt additional rigorous accreditation policies for their schools that either meet or exceed the state’s approach. 


District Accreditation Contract

The accreditation contract documents that the district is in good standing with the state and remains in compliance as laid out by state statute and regulated by the state board (C.R.S. 22-11-206). Access district accreditation contracts here:


District Appeals Process

If a district does not agree with their accreditation category of Accredited with Priority Improvement Plan or Accredited with Turnaround Plan after the request to reconsider process, the district has the opportunity to file an appeal to the state board. The district must provide written notice to the State Board Office to appeal within ten days of receiving notification of their final accreditation rating (1 CCR 301-1(5.11)).


Removal of Accreditation

The State Board of Education may remove a district’s accreditation due to noncompliance or to protect the interests of students and parents of students (C.R.S. 22-11-209).