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ARCHIVE - Request to Reconsider and School Accreditation

Pause on 2020-21 and 2021-22 State Accountability System Due to COVID-19

A second year of Accountability Pause (2021-2022) has been authorized by the Colorado legislature. The state's accountability system has been paused for 2020-21 and 2021-22. More details on the implications of a pause in accountability are available in the links below.


School and District Request to Reconsider Decisions


Resources Archive



  • Request to Reconsider Template (Excel) - Aug 2019
    To better assist you in submitting your district or school's additional data to CDE, we have created a template to streamline the process as well as give you an idea of what data we need to collect for the Request to Reconsider process.
  • Assessment Instrument Description Library (webpage)
    CDE has chosen to include external assessments in the request to reconsider template based on previous years' Request for Reconsideration submissions. CDE coordinated with these vendors to determine criteria for review and vetted these assessments for accountability purposes only and in no way does CDE endorse any of these external assessments over another or intentionally exclude an external assessment. More information on the assessments and the questions CDE asked the assessment vendors can be found in the Assessment Instrument Description Library.
  • School and District Accreditation and the Request to Reconsider Process for Small Systems (Webinar Recording) - Sept 11, 2014
    CDE has developed additional flexibility and resources around the accountability and improvement challenges for small systems. This webinar will cover the school and district performance frameworks and the school accreditation and request to reconsider process under the lens of small systems.

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