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Four Domains - All Four Graphic Summary

Colorado's Framework for Rapid School Improvement 

Empowering Action for School Improvement

Steps and actions for each domain are outlined below. 

Domain One: Leadership for Rapid Improvement (Blue Circle)

  • Prioritize Improvement 
  • Monitor Goals
  • Customize Supports 

Domain Two: Talent Management (Orange Circle)

  • Recruit, Retain, and Sustain Talent
  • Target PL Opportunities 
  • Set Performance Expectations 

Domain Three: Instructional Transformation (Green Circle)

  • Diagnose Student Needs
  • Provide Rigorous Instruction 
  • Remove Barriers and Provide Access

Domain Four: Culture and Climate Shift (Yellow Circle)

  • Build a Culture of Achievement
  • Solicit Stakeholder Input
  • Engage Families 

When all four domains come together, they all contribute to improved students outcomes as shown in the middle of the graphic. All four domain circles meet in the middle.