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On-Demand Provider Transparency


Per the Student Data Transparency and Security Act (PDF), CDE must post information related to School Service On-Demand Providers.  

If a parent has evidence demonstrating that a School Service On-Demand Provider does not substantially comply with the On-Demand Provider's Privacy Policy or does not meet the requirements specified in section 22-16-109 (2) or 22-16-110 (1) of the law, the parent can provide that evidence to the Local Education Provider (LEP).  

The LEP may then choose to stop using the On-Demand Provider.  The LEPs must post a list of On-Demand Providers that it has stopped using and include any responses from the On-Demand Provider.  CDE is also required to post this information to our website for 24 months.

List of On-Demand Providers

LEPs in Colorado have stopped using the following On-Demand Providers:

(CDE has not yet received any information.  We will post our list here once it is received.)

Submit On-Demand Providers

If you are an LEP who has stopped using an On-Demand Provider, you must submit a list of these Providers to CDE. Include the name of the On-Demand Provider and any written response from the Provider.