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School Finance Town Halls and Trainings

School Finance Professional Development & Support program Cohort Interest Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect information from finance professionals around the state in order to create a cohort of participants at the beginning of their growth and understanding of Colorado Public School Finance. The cohort selected will receive an intensive and structured professional development plan over the course of 1-2 years.

School Finance Office Hours

Upcoming Meetings:


Previous School Finance Trainings and Presentations

New Superintendents - Update August 2021 PDF

EC BOCES Business Managers Meeting August 2021 Vimeo

EC BOCES Business Manager Meeting Agenda August 2021 PDF

ESSER Funding: CASE Summer Convention July 2021 PDF

ESSER & Federal Funds Stakeholder Meeting July 2021 PDF

EC BOCES Business Manager Meeting June 2021 PDF

CASBO School Finance Update May 2021 PDF

Western Slope Superintendents Meeting CARES Act Update October 2020 PDF

CASBO School Finance Update October 2020 PDF

CASBO Student October Count & CDE 40 Claims October 2020 PDF

SOC Annual Finance Seminar September 2020 PDF



Note: All are welcome to the Town Hall Webinars on School Finance. Notifications on upcoming Town Halls will be sent via the School Finance List Serve. There is room for 600 participants on the webinar. Dial in number is (855)507-1303

Previous Training's for School Finance