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The Adult Education Initiatives Office along with our talented Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act partners have developed a series of partner training and public facing courses to give further support and knowledge about the work we do and the people we serve. We invite you to take any course.

The state WIOA Moodle is an open Learning Management System with a variety of courses. Obtain an account here.

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Current Moodle course offerings

Course: Colorado Career Conversations for College and Career Coaches/Counselors/Instructors/Leaders (

The Colorado Career Conversation course was created to introduce the Colorado Career Conversation framework to individuals throughout the state, who 1) engage in career conversations with students, job seekers, and clients; and/or 2) need support navigating career decisions.  The course covers the concepts of empathy building, trust, active listening, identifying skills and competencies, understanding which careers are in demand, exploring careers in depth, and articulating the path(s) to enter those careers.

This free professional development experience is intended for anyone who might have a career conversation. It includes all individuals who are part of the Career Advising Ecosystem – from pre-K, K-12, higher education, workforce, and beyond. The goal of the project is to expand the number of skilled advisors able to deliver a consistent career advising experience. Ideal participants include school counselors, workforce center advisors, higher education advisors, college and career navigators, mentors, teachers, administrators, custodians, parents, after-school providers, librarians, and anyone who might have a career conversation.

 To enroll in this course please select the link above and use the password CCC to enroll. For additional information, please

Course: Programmatic Accessibility for Colorado WIOA Partners

This course helps to inform what Programmatic Accessibility in the Workforce System includes. 

We begin by defining the purpose and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, with a specific focus on Title II - Nondiscrimination in State and Local Government Services. Next, we focus on disability awareness and etiquette which is designed to help everyone understand the responsibilities of how to create and maintain a welcoming environment for people with disabilities. From there we will dive into Section 188 of WIOA to define what Programmatic Accessibility is. Lastly, we wrap up with Title II administrative responsibilities and create an understanding of what needs to be evaluated.

Course: Remote Worker Certification for Supervisor and Leaders

This course is designed to help equip supervisors and leaders with the best practices, tools, and insights needed to effectively manage and lead remote workers in all industries. Designed as an interactive, online learning experience, the program is focused on the application of information and skills needed to successfully manage and lead individuals and teams.

Course: Remote Worker Certification for Workers

This course is designed to prepare workers across Colorado and the nation to effectively work remotely. The program provides information and tools for individuals and team success when working in virtual environments.