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Capital Construction Procurement

Selecting consultants and vendors is a critical component to the success of any construction project. It is in everyone’s best interest that the most qualified professionals are procured in a transparent manner in order to give every project its highest opportunity for success and to demonstrate the appropriate stewardship of public resources.

The BEST Consultant/Contractor Selection Guidelines offer a recommended procedure for the procurement of professional services. In the application for a BEST grant, applicants agree to strive toward a fair, transparent, competitive, and documented bid/selection process for all vendors. Alternative procurement methods are to be agreed upon prior to grant award.

In support of the recommended process described in the guidelines, BEST can provide additional tools, resources, and templates for all stages of procurement, including RFQ templates, scoring worksheets, sample decision memoranda, and sample interview invitations and questions.

Since procurement documents are unique to each vendor type and each project’s parameters, we ask that you please work with your Regional Program Manager for assistance with the preparation and distribution of procurement documents well in advance of their release.

BEST Procurement Resources:

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