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Contracting on BEST Projects

BEST cash grants will include a grant agreement which requires grantees to comply with certain terms and conditions. It also requires certain insurance and other provisions from the contractors and vendors hired for the project. Similarly, sublease agreements used on lease-purchase (COP) grants include additional requirements that impact contracts with vendors.

BEST does not provide contract templates for consultant and vendor contracts. Instead, we recommend grantees utilize one of the standard format contracts regularly used by the industry (AIA, ConsensusDocs, DBIA, etc) as the basis of construction contracts. Grantees should utilize the services of their legal counsel in drafting or modifying contract language agreeable to the grantee and in compliance with the provisions required by the grant agreements. We recommend that contracts incorporate by reference the grant agreement and RFQs used in the procurement of vendors in order to ensure these requirements are passed through to the vendors executing the work.

For additional information regarding BEST contract requirements, contact Jay Hoskinson or refer to  the BEST Program FAQ.

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