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Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Adams 12 Five Star Schools has been a leader in the state on computer science education, writing curriculum for middle school through high school and working on an elementary curriculum.   


Adams 12 Five Star Schools is a leader in the state on computer science. The northern Denver metro area school district of 38,707 students has adopted a computer science curriculum for its secondary school students, created advanced computer science courses and is working on developing computer science lessons for elementary school students. The work being done in Adams 12 is important because computing occupations are the No. 1 source of all new jobs in the United States and make up over half of all projected new jobs in STEM fields, making computer science one of the most in-demand college degrees. Yet in 2018, Colorado institutions of higher education graduated only 607 students with bachelor’s degrees in computer science.


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  • Computer Science 
  • Postsecondary Options
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Community Engagement


MindSpark Learning

Colorado School of Mines

SparkFun Electronics

Agentsheets, Inc.

CU Boulder

Collaborated with St. Vrain Valley School District on computer science conference for PK-12 educators




Bobbie Bastian, computer science teacher in Adams 12, talks about how the district is focusing on computer science through all the grades.


Anna Otto, computer science and online learning coordinator at Adams 12 School District, talks about how the district began focusing on computer science.

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