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School Nutrition Contact Information

Any questions? Contact our team using the emails below and we'll be in touch shortly. 

Sponsors can contact the person assigned to their renewal application in the Colorado Nutrition Portal for program related questions and support with applications, reviews, and training and technical assistance needs. View the Point Person Assignments (PDF) to view your contact. 

For back-to-school questions, use this form to submit questions to CDE School Nutrition Staff. 

Phone: 303-866-6661; Mail: 1525 Sherman St. Suite 309 Denver, CO 80203-1942

CDE School Nutrition Staff

Brehan Riley, MS, RD, SNS

Brehan Riley, School Nutrition Unit Director


  • Manages all Child Nutrition Programs administered by CDE; determines program goals and objectives.
  • Formulates, interprets and implements state and federal statutes, rules and regulations for the Child Nutrition Programs
  • Provides leadership and expertise in planning, developing, promoting, implementing, and evaluating Child Nutrition Programs
  • Oversees budgets related to federal and state funding
  • Liaison to Colorado School Nutrition Association (CSNA); P  303-866-6299  C  720-202-3338

Amanda Mercer, MS, RD

Amanda Mercer

Nutrition Programs Supervisor

  • Interprets regulations and develops and disseminates written guidance to ensure compliance with federal, state, local policies and rules and regulations for all participating entities
  • Plans, develops, implements and evaluates child nutrition programs to meet changing priorities that support the mission of the program
  • Oversees the development of outreach activities to expand the scope and effectiveness of child nutrition programs
  • Coordinates and oversees child nutrition-related grant activities.; 720-724-3210

Kerri Link, MS, RD, SNS

kerri link

Nutrition Programs Review Supervisor​; 720-660-5499


Grants Fiscal Analyst for Nutrition

Allison Butler, MPH, RD

Allison butler

Principal Consultant; 303-242-6830

Megan Johnson, RD, SNS

Megan Johnson

Procurement Principal Consultant; 303-653-6138

Sarah McKasson, MPH

Sarah McKasson, Data and Evaluation Manager for School Nutrition

Data and Evaluation Manager

  • Oversee development and implementation of unit evaluaiton plans 
  • Oversee unit data infrastructure, analysis, and visualization; 303-916-4437

Sharon Murray, MHSE

Training and Communications Manager

  • Oversee unit wide trainings and communications; 720-584-1962

McKenna Pullen, MPH, SNS

McKenna Pullen

Senior Consultant; 720-644-7259

Kristi Brennan, MS, RD, SNS

Kristi Brennan

Senior Consultant; 720-450-0926

Vivien Skrupskis, BA

Vivien Skrupskis

Program Support; 720-672-4243

Christian Francisco

Christian Francisco, School Nutrition P-EBT Support

P-EBT Support; 720-595-0702