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Monthly Spotlight

National School Lunch Week and CO Proud School Meal Day: Two Unique Ways to Showcase School Nutrition 

Started in 1962, National School Lunch Week has been an annual event promoting the importance of a nutritious school lunch and the impact that this can have on a student’s health. National School Lunch Week events may help increase student participation, market your school meal service to parents, and showcase positive efforts of your school nutrition program. This year’s theme “School Lunch: What’s on Your Playlist” spotlights all of the latest trends in tastes, flavors, and delivery options for school districts.

Colorado Proud School Meal Day is a unique day to celebrate Colorado agriculture and to educate schoolchildren about healthy eating and where their food comes from. Agribusinesses contribute more than $40 billion to the state economy annually and provide more than 170,000 jobs. This year, Denver Public Schools showcased CO Proud School Meal day at Cory Elementary where they held a taste test of a local vegetable medley straight from their school garden. They were additionally able to showcase local Colorado bison tacos, toured their chicken coop, and visited their school garden with a special visit from Governor Jared Polis, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and the Colorado Department of Education. St. Vrain School District hosted their first Colorado Proud School Meal Day fair at Columbine Elementary, complete with local farmers, dairy producers, Future Farmers of America, and even a live pig named Violet.

Retirement Certificates

The CDE School Nutrition Unit provides certificates of appreciation for retiring food service employees. Please email Vivien Skrupskis and provide the following information to request a retirement certificate: employee name, position or title, years of service, district or school, date (month) to be displayed on certificate, and mailing address for certificate. Please plan ahead and allow a minimum of five days for mailing.