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A project of this magnitude is accomplished only with the dedication of a number of contributors throughout the state. The following committee members contributed their valuable time to accomplish the task of reviewing, updating, and/or rewriting the Colorado Public Library standards. I extend many thanks and much gratitude to the following Colorado library leaders and Colorado State Library staff.

Library Leaders

  • Diane Levin,  Eagle Valley Library District
  • Dianne LaPierre, Denver Public Library
  • Elizabeth Kelsen Huber, Sandy Messick and Andrea Pettegrew, CLiC
  • Janine Reid, High Plains Library District
  • Jamie LaRue, formerly of Douglas County Libraries
  • Ken Draves, Poudre River Library District
  • Marty Frick, formerly of West Custer County Library District
  • Maureen O’Driscoll, Ouray Public Library
  • Mike Varnet, Pikes Peak Library District
  • Mindy Kittay, formerly of Anythink Libraries
  • Oli Sanidas and Ginger Mattson, Arapahoe Library District
  • Sarah McDonnell, Lamar Public Library
  • Shelley Walchak, Pine River Library District
  • Susan Staples, High Plains Library District

Colorado State Library

  • Eugene Hainer, Assistant Commissioner
  • Jacqueline Murpy, Senior Consultant for Public Libraries and Community
  • Sharon Morris, Beth Crist, Christine Kreger and Ashley Kazyaka, Library Development
  • Regan Harper, Kieran Hixon, Babi Hammond, Amy Hitchner, and Lori Smith, Networking and Resource Sharing
  • Linda Hofschire, and Katie Fox, Library Research Service
  • Deborah MacLeod, Colorado Talking Book Library
  • Melissa Carlson, Program Manager

Lastly, thank you to the other state library organizations whose publications were reviewed and helped in the development of this document.