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Charter School Events

Charter School Technical Assistance Events

Thank you for visiting our events page. We are pleased that you have an interest in the events that the Schools of Choice unit are offering this year! The Schools of Choice unit provides a variety of quality technical assistance and professional development opportunities to all charter schools in the state of Colorado. These events are meant to provide best practices for charter school operations, analyze charter school trends, and identify areas of growth and provide solutions to charter school practitioners.  Receive optimal support, as it is our goal to help create successful and sustainable charter schools. We hope to see you at one of our events!

*Please note CCSP Grant recipients must participate in technical assistance events offered by the Schools of Choice Division as a prerequisite for grant funding.*

Event Resources

Charter School Boot Camp

A three-day training designed to help planning teams, in both early and late state planning, get a clear picture of the realities of opening and operating a school. The boot camp training is designed to support teams in finding the gaps in their plan, expertise and personnel so that they can fill these gaps before they open. 

CCSP Grant and Application Training

A required training for Colorado Charter School Program (CCSP) grant applicants that takes place 6-8 weeks before the grant application is due. CDE highly recommends that two or more individuals from each applicant charter school attend this training. 

CCSP Grant Post-Award Webinar

A required webinar training for successful grant applicants in which financial mechanics of grant reimbursement, budgeting, and technical assistance requirements are reviewed. This will be an opportunity for schools to begin a shift in their thinking from application to implementation and action.

CCSP Grant Renewal Proposal Webinar

A required webinar training for Implementation grant applicants in the fall immediately following their planning year of the grant. 

CSSI Webinar

This online training is designed to provide CCSP grant recipient schools with an introduction to the Charter School Support Initiative (CSSI) process and the 3-day site visit and review that is conducted in Year 3 of the CCSP grant. It is recommended that school leaders, business managers, and board members consider attending so that they can begin to prepare their school for the CSSI process. The event is open to anyone who would like to participate, but is especially recommended for schools in Year 3 of the CCSP grant.  

Board Fundamentals 

A training offered twice a year to support board members in providing a sound introduction to board practice and responsibilities, a refresher to continuing board members in board leadership roles, and to introduce school leaders to general charter school governing board practices and responsibilities.  

Administrator Mentoring Cohort (AMC)

A mentoring program that meets six times a year, geared toward new administrators or experienced administrators that are new to the charter school environment (though administrators outside these categories are welcome). Administrators will work as a cohort team, work one-on-one with a mentor, and participate in site observations as they build leadership capacity among new charter school administrators. 

Annual Finance Seminar

Held in the fall of each year, this training is designed to give business managers, school leaders and board members an opportunity to learn about changes in policy or innovations in the field of operations and finance management (required for all CCSP grant recipients).  

Business Managers Network Meeting

These meetings occur bi-monthly on Fridays during the school year. Each meeting includes the Business Manager 101 course for those with less than three years experience, paralleled by a networking and troubleshooting session for more experienced managers. 

Western Slope Seminar

A training designed to address a variety of training needs of charter school instructors, leaders, business managers, and board members. Our goal is to not only provide basic guidance at these events, but also to focus on trends and relevant topics for the charter schools in this region.

Authorizers Meeting

Offered four times a year at various locations across the state, these meetings are designed to provide charter school authorizers with a resource sharing and networking environment that offers training and discussion on proposed quality standards, charter application process, contracting, charter renewal process, monitoring, oversight, charter replication, and charter school restart and turnaround models. There is a strong emphasis on highlighting best practices and developing and reviewing tools for charter oversight.  

*NEW* Peer Learning Communities 

This school year the SOC Unit is excited to kick off Peer Learning Communities to help encourage collaboration across charter leaders in Colorado. Topics for these discussions will be identified by participants and meetings will be be facilitated by SOC staff who will connect with and bring in other CDE departments. Join the conversations to share best practices, come up with innovative solutions and help develop guidance documents to better all of our practices across the state.